Alabama Scratch Offs

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Alabama is one of the few states that does not offer scratchoff lottery tickets.

That might be changing soon, as Rep. Steve Clouse said he will introduce a lottery bill in the legislative session.

Alabama's neighboring state, Mississipi, began offering scratch off lottery tickets as of November 25th, 2019. This leaves Alabama an island that lacks a lottery.

If the bill in Alabama passes and scratchoff tickets become available, be sure to check back to get the latest odds from the Alabama lottery.

UPDATE: The bill passed!

If you're playing in other states, check out our strategies for how to improve your odds no matter where you play.

Other Ways To Beat Scratchoffs

There are other ways to improve your odds.

Read any of the following articles for simple ways to increase your winnings.

  • Keep buying from the same pack until you scratch a winner.
  • Stop buying from a pack after a big win has been claimed.

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