Arizona Scratch Offs

Arizona publishes scratchoff data at

Be sure to only play games where there's a large number of grand prizes remaining in relation to how many overall tickets remain.

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Other Ways To Beat Arizona Scratch Offs

There are other ways to improve your odds.

Read any of the following articles for simple ways to increase your winnings.

  • Keep buying from the same pack until you scratch a winner.
  • Stop buying from a pack after a big win has been claimed.

The best Arizona scratch off on Sunday, October 25, 2020 is 100X with a score of 88🏆 and 2 grand prizes remaining.

100X is $0.21 per dollar better than the average Arizona scratch off. Since this ticket costs $30.00, you'll win $6.19 more on average by spending $30.00 on this game than on the average Arizona scratch off.

The most popular game between Oct 18 and Oct 25 was Triple Red 7s with 10,700 tickets sold.

The largest prize claimed was $500.00 which was claimed from the game Triple Red 7s.

100X #1261 🏆89 $30 One Million Now #1275 🏆78 $30 $215 Million Cash Explosion #1190 🏆77 $20 Quarter Million Crossword #1277 🏆76 $20 Arizona Gold #1268 🏆76 $20 Super Mega Crossword #1204 🏆76 $25 Easy as... 123 #1223 🏆75 $2 25 Days of Winning #1286 🏆74 $10 Crossword Celebration #1247 🏆74 $10 Triple Red 7s #1291 🏆74 $10
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