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How to play Set For Life from the Arizona Lottery

How to Play #1401 Set for Life

Purchase a Ticket Find an Arizona Lottery retailer and tell the cashier you’d like to purchase a #1401 Set for Life ticket. Tickets cannot be purchased online.

How to Play Match any of YOUR NUMBERS to any of the WINNING NUMBERS, win prize shown for that number. Reveal a "" or "" MULTIPLIER symbol and multiply the prize shown by the MULTIPLIER symbol amount.  Reveal a a "" symbol, win $250,000 A YEAR FOR 20 YEARS!  BONUS: Reveal a cash prize amount in any BONUS spot, win that amount instantly!

Claim Your Winnings $1 - $599 Prizes All Arizona Lottery retailers will redeem prizes up to $100, and may redeem prizes up to $599. Find a Location $600+ Prizes Redeem your prize by completing a Winner’s Claim Form, then mailing it or bringing it to the Phoenix or Tucson Arizona Lottery office. See our Winner’s Brochure to learn more.


Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Set For Life has a score of 97 making it one of the best scratchoffs in the country.

There are 4,036,226 tickets remaining. At $50 per ticket, it would cost $201,811,300 to buy all remaining tickets. According to the latest reports from the Arizona lottery website, there are $195,464,070 in remaining prizes.

The value of the remaining prizes is below the cost of the remaining tickets by -$6,347,230. With 4,036,226 tickets remaining, that's an average of -$1.57 per ticket.

An average of 3,852 tickets have been claimed each day between Sep 21, 2023 and Sep 28, 2023. The largest prize claimed in that time period was $10,000.

The last grand prize of $10,000,000 was claimed on May 31, 2023. 523,770 tickets have been sold since the last grand prize was claimed. With 6 grand prizes in the game, it's expected that there will be 1 grand prize sold every 886,248 tickets.

Ticket Price:$50.00
Ticket Value:$48.43
Ticket Profit:-$1.57
Odds of Winning: 1 in 2.18
Number Tickets Printed:5,317,488
Number Tickets Remain:4,036,226
Percent Tickets Remain:75.90%
Initial Expected Value:94.69%
Expected Value:96.85%


$10.0 Million

Percent Remaining: 83.33%


Percent Remaining: 76.79%


Percent Remaining: 76.16%


Percent Remaining: 75.67%


Percent Remaining: 75.71%


Percent Remaining: 75.91%


Percent Remaining: 75.95%


Percent Remaining: 75.90%