California Scratch Offs

California publishes the number of remaining prizes for the grand prize tier only. This means that we can only estimate the number of remaining prizes at the smaller tiers.

There are other ways to get an advantage even if we can't get accurate information about how many of the lower-tiered prizes remain.

Read any of the following articles for simple ways to increase your winnings.

  • Keep buying from the same pack until you scratch a winner.
  • Stop buying from a pack after a big win has been claimed.

The best California scratch off on Saturday, January 16, 2021 is MONOPOLY with a score of 107­čĆć and 3 grand prizes remaining.

MONOPOLY is $0.39 per dollar better than the average California scratch off. Since this ticket costs $20.00, you'll win $7.71 more on average by spending $20.00 on this game than on the average California scratch off.

The most popular game between Jan 9 and Jan 16 was Mystery Crossword with 1,669,402 tickets sold.

The largest prize claimed was $750,000.00 which was claimed from the game Mystery Crossword.

MONOPOLY #1351 ­čĆć107 $20 $5,000,000 Power Payday #1377 ­čĆć98 $20 Big Money #1325 ­čĆć97 $20 2021 #1438 ­čĆć88 $20 Ultimate Millions #1390 ­čĆć87 $30 Set for Life #1395 ­čĆć85 $10 Set for Life #1442 ­čĆć84 $10 Instant Prize Crossword #1417 ­čĆć84 $20 $10,000,000 Bankroll #1365 ­čĆć83 $30 Golden State Riches #1413 ­čĆć83 $20
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