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How to play Limited 5 from the Idaho Lottery

Five times lucky? Limited Edition returns for the fifth version of this exclusively popular game! Limited Edition 5th Edition has $3 million in prizes, loaded exclusively with only two prizes - $50 and $100. Limited Edition 5th Edition carries an exclusive 71% prize payout!

With only two prizes available in this game, winning is an exclusive matter. Players receive 25 chances to win on every single ticket. Players who reveal a stack of money symbol win the prize shown: either $50 or $100.

Try Limited Edition 5th Edition the next time you visit a retail location. With these types of prizes, this game may just live up to its namesake.


Last Updated: Jul 10, 2020
Ticket Price:$10.00
Ticket Value:$7.10
Ticket Profit:-$2.90
Odds of Winning: 1 in 8.56
Number Tickets Printed:489,879
Number Tickets Remain:10,636
Percent Tickets Remain:2.17%
Initial Expected Value:71.25%
Expected Value:71.03%



Percent Remaining: 2.13%


Percent Remaining: 2.18%


Percent Remaining: 2.17%

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