Indiana Scratch Offs

This site is shutting down soon. I don't have the time to maintain it or provide support, and it's costing too much money each month to run the servers. I have a friend who is considering taking over. If you want to see the site maintained, you can try talking them into it. Email and I'll forward them your message.

If you're looking for an alternative to this site, a web search will provide a few options on the first page of results. If you prefer this site over the alternatives, I'd be interested in hearing why so I can know what I did right.

If you're a data scientist and want a historical database of scratchoff data as reported by state websites, send me a link to some of the work you've done - your Github or whatever. You might be able to find some interesting anomalys and perhaps even discover possible fraud or exploitable patterns. (If you do, I want a cut.)

It's been fun. Good luck out there!

$1,000,000 EXTRAVAGANZA #2323 🏆115 $10 100X THE CASH #2253 🏆109 $20 Set for Life $5,000 a Month for 25 Years #2225 🏆89 $5 Set for Life $10,000 a Month for 25 Years #2226 🏆86 $10 BIG WIN #2279 🏆83 $10 MEGA BUCKS #2319 🏆83 $30 $500 GRAND #2381 🏆80 $20 $300,000 RICHES #2343 🏆78 $10 MILLION DOLLAR SPECTACULAR #2411 🏆76 $10 EXTREME CASH #2369 🏆75 $30
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