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How to play $100, $200 or $300 from the South Carolina Lottery

In a GAME, match any of YOUR NUMBERS to the WINNING NUMBER, win PRIZE shown for that GAME.


Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024

$100, $200 or $300 has a score of 76 making it a better than average scratchoff.

There are 2,131,336 tickets remaining. At $10 per ticket, it would cost $21,313,360 to buy all remaining tickets. According to the latest reports from the South Carolina lottery website, there are $16,103,900 in remaining prizes.

The value of the remaining prizes is below the cost of the remaining tickets by -$5,209,460. With 2,131,336 tickets remaining, that's an average of -$2.44 per ticket.

An average of 28,712 tickets have been claimed each day between Apr 12, 2024 and Apr 19, 2024. The largest prize claimed in that time period was $300.

The last grand prize of $300 was claimed on Apr 16, 2024. 27,081 tickets have been sold since the last grand prize was claimed. With 5,381 grand prizes in the game, it's expected that there will be 1 grand prize sold every 920 tickets.

Ticket Price:$10.00
Ticket Value:$7.56
Ticket Profit:-$2.44
Odds of Winning: 1 in 14.88
Number Tickets Printed:4,953,090
Number Tickets Remain:2,131,336
Percent Tickets Remain:43.03%
Initial Expected Value:75.50%
Expected Value:75.56%



Percent Remaining: 43.23%


Percent Remaining: 43.37%


Percent Remaining: 42.99%


Percent Remaining: 43.03%