$400 Million Mega Bucks #2588 | 🏆81 help_outline

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Last Updated: Apr 17, 2024

$400 Million Mega Bucks has a score of 81 making it a better than average scratchoff.

There are 4,483,949 tickets remaining. At $100 per ticket, it would cost $448,394,900 to buy all remaining tickets. According to the latest reports from the Texas lottery website, there are $361,681,600 in remaining prizes.

The value of the remaining prizes is below the cost of the remaining tickets by -$86,713,300. With 4,483,949 tickets remaining, that's an average of -$19.34 per ticket.

An average of 8,634 tickets have been claimed each day between Apr 12, 2024 and Apr 19, 2024. The largest prize claimed in that time period was $2,500.

We've been tracking this game since Jan 16, 2024 and we have not seen any grand prizes claimed since that date. 759,614 tickets have been sold since Jan 16, 2024. With 4 total grand prizes in the game and 5,243,580 total tickets to be printed, it's expected that there will be 1 grand prize sold every 1,310,895 tickets.
Ticket Price:$100.00
Ticket Value:$80.66
Ticket Profit:-$19.34
Odds of Winning: 1 in 3.84
Number Tickets Printed:5,243,580
Number Tickets Remain:4,483,950
Percent Tickets Remain:85.51%
Initial Expected Value:79.97%
Expected Value:80.66%



Percent Remaining: 100.00%


Percent Remaining: 80.95%


Percent Remaining: 87.54%


Percent Remaining: 86.92%


Percent Remaining: 85.30%


Percent Remaining: 85.48%


Percent Remaining: 85.49%


Percent Remaining: 85.57%


Percent Remaining: 85.51%